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epexio_uri code BP SourceID 0b6ef449-5865-4f6d-aeaa-c4616c4d9ba8

7/27/23, 2:59 PM

code A showcase of records from the archive collection recognising the contribution of BAME nurses to the nursing profession in the UK.

10/3/19, 2:28 PM

epexio_uri code BM RefNo BM RecordID f193d660-bffa-4963-a4f1-10300b7acf42 so_v4_CollectionRef 15461f24-6583-4677-8687-115d7a12b912

1/30/19, 11:48 AM

code RCN1 SourceID 75cc0353-c5df-462b-b382-06839444c0b1 so_v4_CollectionRef 2c23f542-a7cc-400e-ba37-5b8a9335e95b

7/17/19, 11:12 AM

code Items in the archive collection relating to the East Midlands region.

6/25/20, 12:44 PM

code Items in the archive collection relating to Eastern England

6/15/20, 1:05 PM

code 2020

10/24/19, 3:04 PM

epexio_uri code FN RefNo FN RecordID a6af47c8-5971-4255-b859-f37f26fcdf6a so_v4_CollectionRef cb91abe9-f716-429e-8542-7af8e29e1f5e

11/2/18, 4:25 PM

code WMP so_v4_CollectionRef ff04307f-b5f5-4645-878a-1f4f21e8ed8e

10/19/18, 2:00 AM

code P/16/2

11/19/20, 9:51 AM

epexio_uri code LS RefNo LS RecordID c0b00faf-0dff-45e0-89c5-de0861b08995 so_v4_CollectionRef 19e642e7-f98d-47dc-933c-aaea35b22de1

2/14/19, 4:45 PM

code Items in the archive collection relating to London region

6/17/20, 1:14 PM

code Items in the archive collection relating to North West England

8/22/19, 8:48 AM

code Items from the archive collection relating to the North East of England

8/20/19, 11:50 AM

code Photographs and records from the archive collection relating to Northern Ireland

8/20/19, 11:27 AM

code Nurses working internationally SourceID 588f922b-9ca5-4db7-b514-588bbde11535

3/22/23, 2:13 PM

code Nursing Badges and Medals

8/19/19, 4:01 PM

epexio_uri code C760 RefNo C760 RecordID 1762f303-2f64-4647-8101-a9a622443ed5 so_v4_CollectionRef 9fe37fc4-bdb3-4620-84d9-c18e53e3b6c6

12/20/18, 3:18 PM

epexio_uri code C865 RefNo C865 RecordID 9a3b18f4-22f1-49c5-b421-939bc3a577ef

10/27/20, 4:27 PM

epexio_uri code C877 RefNo C877 RecordID 0606b4f8-3228-4ffd-8eee-1c805bdd5011

10/27/20, 3:29 PM

epexio_uri code C911 RefNo C911 RecordID b70e1f79-f8bd-4304-9504-1750ba54a365

2/21/20, 11:13 AM

epexio_uri code C901 RefNo C901 RecordID bbfae3c2-69ff-4fe4-8524-b6c7b5e65b5b

9/21/20, 1:38 PM

code C580

1/16/23, 1:47 PM

epexio_uri code C737 RefNo C737 RecordID 4c8ba536-7b7d-4a48-8fe1-dad8b21c6814 so_v4_CollectionRef 8d31fce3-2b0f-4943-866d-993dad3b1c10

2/15/19, 5:01 PM

epexio_uri code C747 RefNo C747 RecordID 806c4b4e-e305-4d69-808c-dcd6ec8d66f1

2/21/20, 11:06 AM

code C966

2/1/22, 5:07 PM

epexio_uri code C908 RefNo C908 RecordID 5ce700d9-9eb8-4cd5-8b6f-a023dc2a6bf7

9/18/20, 9:28 AM

code C150 SourceID 14e73100-933d-4532-94e3-7d2374c7cf47

2/16/23, 11:59 AM

code C596 so_v4_CollectionRef 34f10bd6-83c5-4bf1-b03e-0b886469712f

5/28/19, 1:29 PM

code C519 SourceID dd88f86e-311c-4ac7-8a25-338396bc8945

2/16/23, 2:27 PM

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